Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Encore Bonjour Paris

Our second day in Paris did not bring any better weather, so umbrella in hand again, we started on the left bank, and with the recommendation of  my uncle, stopped in to visit Shakespeare & Co.

If any 'starving writer' didn't have a home, they were welcome to stay at the bookshop and sleep under the stairs for as long as they continued to write.....stop writing, and out you go!

Time for lunch......found a lovely little Bistro just next door, so in typical French fashion, we sat outside under an awning, heated by an overhead lamp....all very cozy.

Great deal for lunch.....a main and glass of wine for 14 euros....perfect

curried chicken tagliatelle

duck confit with roasted potatoes

Needless to say, it was time to work off our meal, so we headed  to the 'Right Bank', passing Notre Dame, to visit the Marais quarter.

I was enthralled by the typical of Paris...

Even the boutiques had fabulous displays

Our last stop was the Place des Voges

with its colourful boutiques displaying local art

Before heading home we couldn't resist a stop at the Pont Neuf, boasting all the 'love locks'.  Lovers put locks on the bridge to signify their undying love for each other, then throw the key into the river.

The locks span the complete railing of the bridge!
Just below the bridge, is the head of the Isle de la Cite where there is a lovely little garden called 'Le Sqaure Vert-Galant'. It was on one of the benches in this garden that my Grandparents decided to have a child.  This is why my father wanted to come home,
 full circle to "where it all started".
I knew that Dad was thinking of me, as on our path back to the train, we came across a store that only sold orchids.....I was in heaven!

A little family time coming up.....

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