Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Madison's 18th Birthday

As you live your life, time seems to go by slowly.  You enjoy your daily activities; work, fun and family.  Time goes by, but reality comes home to roost when you realize that your second youngest niece is about  to turn 18!  Where did the time go?
 The occasion called for a family reunion with 2 of my sisters in Montreal.  The weather was perfect for a stroll along the lake and a stop for some family pictures.
And no birthday party is complete without a feast
 to share with friends and family

Madi had been begging for a kitten for a number of years, so was thrilled to bits to meet Winnoskee!

Winnee meets his new house mate, "Fritz the dwarf rabbit"....
 ....they both don't seem too sure about it

The following day took us into St Lambert, on the south shore, to visit Fusion Bijoux's 'open house' 
 Established in 1998, Fusion Bijoux offers beautiful, handmade jewellery from Indonesia.  Designer, Roger Brunet, works closely with talented Balinese and Javanese silversmiths, who use increasingly rare ancestral techniques to create unique pieces.
Roger only sells to retail stores, 
but twice a year he opens his studio to the public.
I took advantage of the opportunity to buy a ring and a pair of earings.
Buying jewellery is exhausting, so we had to stop for the traditional Montreal Smoked meat....
 It was lovely enough to eat outside at Kapetan Restaurant which is a St Lambert institution.
Since it was such a sunny warm day, we headed up to the Westmount 'lookout', which boasts a stunning view of Montreal.  Most visitors take in the view from the top of Mount Royal, but this gem of a place offers a different perspective.
Talking about time......the weekend went by way too fast.
 Happy birthday Madison!

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