Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
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Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Lucas Push

When you live in the Great White North, you are constantly looking for diversions from the never ending snow and cold.  When you wake up in the morning and find this.....
In 'Waldo' fashion; Can you find the car??? jump at the chance for a road trip!

The night before heading to Toronto, 
a sushi dinner out with my honey was in order.

In case you are wondering, The Joseph Lucas Memorial Push is organized by the 'Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group'.  To quote them: " why not have a social event and poke some fun at Joseph Lucas? Lucas was the owner of Lucas Electrical, the company which supplied parts for the somewhat troublesome electrical systems of British motorcycles and became known jokingly as
 “The Prince of Darkness”.

My traveling companion was none other than V-Star Lady,
an enthusiastic motorcyclist and blogger.

The event revolves around a 'pub crawl', where a 'hurting motorcyle' is 'pushed' from venue to venue.  The first pub was The Madison, so it made sense for us to stay at their adjoining Madison Manor Boutique Hotel.  It is a charming vintage house turned into quaint rooms.  It has a old fashioned rooming house feel to it and although not luxurious, was comfortable.
The hotel is to the the right, with the pub being the 2 adjoining buildings to the left
 Toronto was in the midst of an early spring, making it a perfect opportunity for a walk along Bloor Street.  Honest Ed's is a landmark 'everything you could possibly want store', covering a full city block renowned for its 'serve yourself policy'.

Bloor Street boasts everything from expensive designer shops to graffitti covered music venues

Once the sun set, first point of order was dinner, and what better to have in a pub, than wings...

....shared with artist and ex road racer Ron Peter 
 This story would not be complete without letting you know what was "pushed' from pub to pub.  I would like all my motorcycle friends to post a comment if you know what this is, including the year.
 All good things must come to end, so home we went.  
I suppose the snow and cold is not so bad afterall......

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