Winter Barn Owl

Winter Barn Owl
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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Toronto bound

I had occasion to visit Toronto last week for a business conference.  Before heading out, I was treated to a Mother's day brunch at my favourite restaurant:  Days on Front

The eggs benedict and sweet potato fries were yummy!
I was amazed at how much Toronto had changed; 
so many new buildings and condos!
I stayed at One King West which is the old Toronto Dominion bank.
The conference floor is the old banking hall
 and still has many of the original features.
They even use the old vault for private functions 
(I hope no one slams the door shut)!
The first night I met up with an old friend 
and we feasted on mussels and steak tartare.

At least a bit of 'old' is still part of the skyline!
I couldn't resist this chocolate mousse cake on my final night.
We really needed a walk after sitting for 2 days,
 so I gathered up the girls and hit the pavement.

Old City Hall
A trip to Toronto is never complete without getting caught
 in bumper to bumper traffic
 on the 16 lane wide Trans Canada Highway!
A great learning trip, but it is always great to get home!


  1. B:

    I worked one summer right across the street from the TD Tower at Bay and King. Most of the time I would take the subway from Islington Park and Ride as I stayed near Weston & Shepard. I went through TO on my way home last summer but didn't go downtown so I am sure things have changed a lot since I've been there. I also got stuck in heavy traffic but I learned a long time ago to ignore the express lanes. I just take the feeder lanes

    I liked your first photo as I generally order eggs benedicts too. glad you had a nice time in the big city

    A weekend photographer or Riding the Wet Coast

    1. Hi Bob,
      Toronto is expanding so fast, it is mind-blowing! I hardly recognize it when I am there! It is a good thing that they have not changed the street signs or I would be lost!