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Winter Barn Owl
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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hollywood comes to Kingston

Guillermo del Toro's new film, Crimson Peak, had a few scenes shot here in Kingston recently.  The crew arrived a week in advance and started transforming downtown back to the turn of the century.

I had the distinct pleasure of being invited by the Producer, Callum Greene, who's mother I had spent a week with in England last summer, to come to the set and see what takes place.
They were filming the hustle and bustle of cars, horse drawn carriages and residents going about their business on 'Main Street'.  After each take, Cullum and Guillermo studied the footage to see if they were happy with the shot.

Even the lead actress, Mia Wasikowska, offered her thoughts on each take.
Guillermo is in the dark jacket
So much time and effort put into less than 3 minutes of actual screen time!

It was such a fun morning and everyone was so gracious and friendly!  My friend and I topped off a fabulous time with pasta at Atomica!  Yummmmm.......
Crimson Peak is set to hit the big screen in the fall of 2015! See if you can pick out the Kingston scenes!


  1. B:

    I loved the period clothing too. Would have been nice to see how they transformed that street to look like it was 100 years ago. Like taking a walk back in time

    Riding the Wet Coast

  2. Hi Bob,
    They actually brought in tons and tons of earth to cover the street. Parts of where they were filming has cobblestone too, so that added to authenticity of the period! They were lucky that it was only overcast during the filming time.....later in the afternoon, the skies opened up with a vengeance!